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12-20-11- tuesday- xmas greetings from ktm

hah i cant believe this , ktm is doin it big and look at poor dungey lookslike he is forced to make this commercial haha. they wanna market everything they can to become a premium bike seller in the usa like they are overseas. goodluck to them they are making crazy progress in america selling their bikes and i hope dungey can put them on the map in 2012.



12-19-11-monday- EVO FALLS OFF DYNO

WOWWWWWWWWW. WHOS FAULT IS IT??! thats some crazy asss shit

12-19-11 monday- free lil boosie, my face my life


this shit cant be real

12-19-11- monday- S2KJAY- HOLDING IT DOWN

always been a huge fan of this car with his various builds on it. hes a cool fucking guy too thats always a positive. he is deff on top of the s2k game and has been for a little white now. GOT AIR JACKS?!

12-19-11- monday- GOON RIDING, GO PRO EHHH

I think I have mentioned before that I kind of hate goon riding. It is one of those things that is only funny if you are good at it, and no one is good at it. I think literally five people on the planet are good enough to be funny, and every one of them is a pro. When all these dumb ass amateurs try to make a video of themselves, it is always a failure to me. The cynic in me also hates the term “goon riding”. Let’s have something fresh. But, this kid might be on to something. The GoPro to the face is a complete 180 on what we are used to in this monotonous world. I have no idea who he is, but I had a legitimate laugh in the first 30 seconds of this video.

12-19-11- monday- justin barcia helmet cam blue diamond mx